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Ballistic Shields

Armored Solutions® Armored Shields: 
Hand Held Ballistic Entry and Takedown Shields

Armored Solutions® supplies ballistic entry shields for law enforcement and
government agencies worldwide.

All Armored Solutions® shields are manufactured using lightweight composite fibers
such as Dyneema® and Kevlar®.

Standard sizes and armor levels for shields:

  • NIJ Level IIIA    24" x 36"
  • NIJ Level III       20" x 34" or 20" x 36"
  • NIJ Level III+    20" x 34" or 20" x 36"

All standard size shields have 3” x 11” no spall viewport armored to the required ballistic level.

Armored Solutions® clear ballistic takedown shields are manufactured using scratch resistant polycarbonate material and offer no spall protection.

Clear ballistic takedown shield standard sizes and armor levels:

  • NIJ Level II       18" x 24" or 16" x 18"
  • NIJ Level IIIA   18" x 24" or 16" x 18"

All Armored Solutions® manufactured shields are standard with an ambidextrous handle, carrying strap and storage bag.

All Armored Solutions® ballistic and takedown shields are individually manufactured and can be customized to meet your department’s size and ballistic requirements.

An optional rechargeable light can be added.

Armored Solutions® ballistic entry and takedown shields comply with NIJ 0108.01 standards and have a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.



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Ballistic entry shield with no spall viewport

Clear Ballistic takedown shield

Ballistic entry shield with no spall viewport and light kit

Ballistic entry shield with no spall viewport